Science Olympiad Team Places Third in State

The results from the State Science Olympiad competition are in. Each region in Ohio gets to send their best teams to the state competition. Our team placed 3rd in the state. Each state then sends their top two teams to nationals. We missed 2nd place, or a national’s bid, by only two points. By far, this year’s performance was the strongest ever seen by a Mason team or by any team in the Cincinnati region. Consequently, the state of Ohio is one of the most competitive for Science Olympiad and, in the past, any team from Ohio than makes it to Nationals places in the top 10 at Nationals. So, its safe to say that the Mason team this year is National’s caliber.

Here are the 2017 team members and, then, the individual results below. Although we have over 90 students in the club, we can only take one team of 15 to states.

12th grade
Jane Yu (captain)
Matthew Liao (captain)
Sam Varner
Emily Wang

11th grade
Alex Wang (captain)
Alyson Lam (captain)
Jeffrey Huang
Lauren Han
Connie Mi
Jack Li
Ranjani Ramasubramanian
Terry Luo
Jenny Wan
Suhas Kolli (alternate)

10th grade
Jenny Hong
Emily Fang
Kevin Zhu (alternate)

Individual Results

Anatomy and Physiology – Jenny Hong, Lauren Han
Chem Lab – Sam Varner, Jeffrey Huang
Disease Detectives – Alex Wang, Jenny Hong
Microbe Mission – Jenny Hong, Alex Wang
Wind Power – Matthew Liao, Sam Varner
Remote – Alex Wang, Connie Mi
Hover – Sam Varner, Emily Wang
Dynamic Planet – Jenny Wan, Emily Fang
WiFi Lab – Suhas Kolli, Kevin Zhu
Forensics – Jane Yu, Jeffrey Huang
Electric Vehicle – Alex Wang, Alyson Lam
Astronomy – Jeffrey Huang, Emily Fang
Optics – Sam Varner, Emily Fang
Hydrogeology – Emily Fang, Jenny Wan
Helicopters – Alyson Lam, Emily Wang
Ecology – Jenny Hong, Connie Mi
Rocks and Minerals – Jack Li, Jenny Wan
Invasive – Jack Li, Lauren Han
Experimental Design – Jane Yu, Ranjani Ramasubramanian, Alyson Lam