Mason City Schools’ Fencers ! Touché

Mason’s Division 1 team competed in the Southwest Ohio High School Fencing Association League Tournament.

(The Mason Div 2  team did not compete this year)


The SOHFA Tournament held on March 18th this year.

The MCS 4 member Division 1 team was comprised of 3 Mason High School students (soph-Andrew Hahn , soph-Lydia Bischoff, ?-Ian Peebles),

and 1 Mason Middle School Student (8th – Emma Bischoff) . This year the competition was especially tough. Some teams were comprised more

with juniors and seniors . The younger Mason 1 team stepped out of their comfort zone and stepped up their game. They captured 3rd place.


Lydia Bischoff (Sophomore), a Division 1 Women’s Foil competitor, competed at the Ohio High School Fencing Championships held April 1 at Ohio State in Columbus.

It was a repeat result from last year. After all the fencing and direct eliminations, the same two fencers from different high schools found themselves dueling again

in the final 15 touch bout. (Soph-Jr). Lydia took 2nd place. Lydia has been fencing for about 5 years.


The below info is from last year and is still current;

The Mason Fencing Club program offers students the opportunity to fence at school, and to compete on teams representing

Mason City Schools against other Cincinnati area schools.  The advisor for the fencing club is Lloyd Howell, whose son Ryan

was the instructor/coach for the Monday sessions.

The Howell’s have a fencing club named “Salle du Lion Fencing Club” which organizes the SOHFA League.