Mason Model UN Outstanding Performance at WYOMUN IV

The Mason Model UN attended a conference at Wyoming High School (WYOMUN IV) on November 4. Below is a list of students who received recognition for their outstanding performance:

44 BCE: A World Without Caesar
Best Delegate: Nikky Soni
Americans in Peril: The Iranian Hostage Crisis
Outstanding Delegate: Harshi Ambati
Big Brother is Watching You: Assembly of the Ingsoc Inner Party
Best Delegate: Sudarsana Addepalli
Outstanding Delegate: Andrew McKee
Honorable Delegate: Aadi Pallerla
Fallout: The Division of the Survivors
Best Delegate: Aron Olegnowicz
Honorable Delegate: Karan Mehta
Presidential Race JCC: Kennedy
Best Delegate: Tejas Srinivasan
Presidential Race JCC: Nixon
Outstanding Delegate: Alekhya Kondragunta
Muhammad’s Ummah: Unifying the Arab World
Best Delegate: Sonali Doshi
Turmoil in the Motherland: The Bolshevik Revolution
Best Delegate: Praneeth Kanna
Honorable Delegate: Suraj Suresh
Uniting the World: The San Francisco Conference
Best Delegate: Adit Kulkarni
Outstanding Delegate: Vishu Namburi
United Nations Human Rights Council on the State of LGBT+ Rights
Best Delegate: Cora Scully