MHS Science Olympiad Team Competes in Boston

MHS Science Olympiad Team Competes in Boston

The Mason High School Science Olympiad team traveled to Boston for the first time to compete against 70 teams from across the country at the MIT Science Olympiad Invitational on January 20.

“Mason did a great job placing second and twentieth place overall, beating many nationally ranked teams,” explained MHS Chemistry teacher and Science Olympiad Advisor Aimee Hansen. “Along with the MIT success, the Mason team placed first and second at the Northview Invitational, and first and third at the Westlake Invitational.”

So far, this season is proving to be breaking lots of school records. The Team’s next focus is on the Nationals Invitational in April.

Team captains are Emily Fang, Jenny Hong, Alyson Lam, and Alex Wang.

View specific placings at the MIT Invitational.