Mason Academic Team’s Annual Staff vs Students Match 2/28

The Mason Academic Team finished another amazing season, winning the GMC with a record of 17-2 and qualifying for regionals. Now they’re looking for another challenge. 

On Wednesday, February 28, @ 2:30 PM

the Mason Academic Team challenges the staff to a match in the Harvard Room.

Ideally, we’d like a representative from every department as it gives the staff a better chance of winning. The competition is a team format, meaning you’ll be combined with three other teachers and have a chance to confer to make sure your answer is correct.
For those unfamiliar with Academic Team, a match has three parts:
  • Category: 30 questions from ten academic categories. 
  • Alphabet: 20 questions with all answers starting with the same letter – 4 minutes to answer.
  • Lightning: 20 questions on any topic – first to answer correctly wins.
All teachers and staff are welcome to play. A great time is had by all. So make plans to come down and help the staff defeat the students and show your support for this incredible team.